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Meals for Moolah Restaurant Partner

Peas and Carrots.  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Spaghetti and Meatballs.
Some partnerships are just meant to be.

Reasons to  become a Meals for Moolah Restaurant Partner.

The Meals for Moolah program was designed to keep dollars local and support our independently owned restaurants while helping local organizations raise funds.  Sounds great, right?  In case you need some more reasons to partner with us, here are just a few:

  • By hosting a Meals for Moolah event, you will expand your marketing and reach new audiences.  You will not only get name recognition through event promotions but will gain new customers that may not have tried your restaurant before.

  • It allows you to help local organizations.  By supporting these charities, your business can showcase how important it is to give back to the community.  


  • It will BOOST YOUR PROFITS!  Meals for Moolah events are set up according to your schedule with the preferred dates and times selected by you.  This is designed to help increase your business on dates/times that may typically be slower.  Plus since people are dining to support a cause, they know the more they spend, the higher the donation so you will likely see increased ticket totals.

  • You can re-market to customers during the event by collecting email addresses, offering rewards for returning, etc.  If you would like to discuss how to plan a re-marketing strategy, let us know.  We can help!

That all sounds great.     But can't I just do this all myself directly from my restaurant?

Sure.  The Meals for Moolah program is meant to help local organizations raise money and support our locally-owned restaurants.  If you feel that you can do the same with in-house resources, we wish you success with your efforts.  However, just a few key things to remember:

  • As a Meals for Moolah partner, the only work you will do (besides cooking and serving the food, of course) is picking up your pen to address your donation check.  We take care of the rest!  We will work with the organizations to schedule the event, create flyers and promotional materials, send reminders, and more.  We will send you ongoing communication with upcoming meal nights so that you can schedule accordingly.  

  • We will also conduct direct outreach to ensure that you have a full calendar of MFM event nights.  Is your goal to add three a month? Two a week?  We will work directly with non-profit organization contacts and market the program so that we can bring business to you. 


  • There is NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU.  You do not have to hire a staff member to work through the donations or pay a fee in hopes that you will have a successful event.  You don't pay money unless you make money!  The fee structure varies depending on commitment level.  

Ready to Partner?  Get in Touch!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Meals for Moolah Restaurant Partner, we will be in touch within three business days.