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The Meals for Moolah program is owned and operated by OMNIA, LLC.  

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Q&A with OMNIA, LLC owner Amanda Jones on how "Meals for Moolah" got started... 

How did the Meals for Moolah program originate?

The idea for the program had been rolling around in my head for quite awhile, but when COVID-19 hit our restaurant community hard, I knew I had to quit putting it off and take action.  I had/have worked with a number of local community organizations in the area on fundraising efforts including fundraising meal nights.  Many of the restaurants that participated in programs like this were chain restaurants.  While there is nothing wrong with chains (and I would be lying if I said that I never frequented them) I really wanted to try and support local.  I found myself talking with local restaurant owners about setting up an event, and most seemed to be on board, they just hadn't done it before.  So it got me to thinking that there is a huge need for a program like this...and here we are!

This is a great way to fundraise, but do you really think it's a benefit for the business?

Absolutely!  I think that every restaurant should have a program like this in place.  It helps attract new customers, showcase community support and is a great way to have a continuous marketing message.  The biggest challenge is finding the time and/or dedicated staff member to run a program like this.  It's not something that can just be thrown together or it won't be successful.  With the Meals for Moolah program, the restaurant pays no money out of pocket and only a small fee based on event sales.  We take care of all the promotions, outreach, etc.

Anything else we should know?

My first job when I was 16 years old was at a local pizza place in Shorewood, Illinois.  I started out "slinging dough" and eventually left for college a couple years later after moving into the Assistant Manager position.  From there I had jobs at both locally owned and franchised restaurants in the Bloomington-Normal area for a period of seven years ranging from server to bartender to General Manager.  My past ten years have been in advertising and marketing, but my heart (and my stomach) always have a soft spot for food and the hard work put in every day by our restaurant owners and employees.  

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." ― George Bernard Shaw